The CSRA Dream Catchers Support Group

The CSRA Dream Catchers is a support/Advocacy group formed and born out of the hopes and dreams of 3 people living right here in the CSRA (the Central Savannah River Area) which is a large area of land in and between Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA and all around by
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Josephine a Spinal Cord injury survivor Cyndy a dedicated social worker now a program manager and Les Paul a Traumatic Brain injury survivor back in 1999.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is so unpredictable in that one day you can be feeling fine and doing well and the next moment your entire life can be changed by the effects of a devastating disability. By working together to educate our elected officials, the media and the public on technology and safety, we can help make living better or prevent having to bare the effects of a life altering disability!

The statistics are staggering did you know that World wide their are more than 6,000,000 Brain injuries per year and in the Untied States their are over 1,500,000 Brain injuries per year?